Denture Appointment

Once you have decided the type of denture that you would like to have done, this appointment will then be scheduled. If you are doing an immediate denture the steps are as follows:

Visit 1: Impressions

Visit 2: Bite Block

Visit 3: Wax try in (with your new teeth)

Visit 4: Extractions and delivery.

If you are getting a new complete denture, the steps are the same as an immediate denture. The only difference is that there will not be any teeth extracted.

After dentures have been completed, you will have a post-op appointment the following day to make sure everything looks perfect. Each denture patient is different, and will have different amounts of adjustment appointments throughout the healing process.

After approximately 6 months you may need a soft reline (a temporary liner that cushions your denture and makes it more comfortable). And after 1 year you will need a hard reline, which is basically a new inside for your denture. This procedure is needed because your gums will be completely healed and will no longer shrink.